Cable production company
Stand design + Slogan
Location of the stand - Moldenergy, international specialized exhibition of power-saving technologies, heating, electro-technical equipment, appliances for electrical engineering, electrical fittings and lighting. For the 23rd edition, I designed the stand for the cable production company, new concept was followed by the slogan that I proposed to use for all the print and digital materials "Turn on the Spring!" in english and "Aprinde Primăvara!" in romanian.

I defined four types of the costumers that my client should attract and I designed the stand suited for next categories:
• families
• localities' authorities
• companies that are looking to order cables

My recommendation was to have an client manager for each part of stand in this way every client would receive needed information. The slogan "Turn on the Spring" from my point of view shows the joy and the good mood of this company for the coming spring, the time when the sunlight reborn all nature.
Other works