Logo redesign, Brand Identity Design
The new logo for Forte looks flatter and simpler than its old one. Why do you bring such change to the logo?
Initially, my client, Forte, through his old logo wanted to communicate too much, but as we know today, too much means nothing. Old logo did not represent a clear imagine. As a result, it did not inspire trust in potential Forte clients from construction industry. In addition, in small formats old logo was not legible, in other words unpractical.
I believe that the only visual language through which you can show power, trust, confidence and certainty is minimalistic flat style.
Afterwards, it is the only style that passed time trial, succeeding to live in web world. So I consider the new logo show a strong message, represented through flat style.
How do you think of the trend of Flat Design? Does the trend influence your design for this project?
I consider that Flat Design should not be called trend. It is a visual language for present and distant future. Sure, it is complicate to always come up with original images (ideas) in that style, but if you get deeper into the roots of the brand you are working with you can find an interesting story to communicate. Logo is not a brand. When clients want complicate logos, I come with a simple advice – Brand has many ways to communicate anything, but logo must be simple(smart) and different from competitors' logos.
Lately, we see how top companies simplify their logos, when they understand that complicate logos are harder to represent on boxes, clothes and more; also it is harder to remember a complicate logo while simpler logo quickly gets into memory. Flat Design is the most accessible for consumers and designers.
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