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marin gorea jr.
freelance designer & illustrator

logo → 1000€ → 2 - 4 weeks
identity → 1000€ → 2 - 4 weeks
animation → 200€ → 1 week
illustration → 100€ → 3 days


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taxi & food deliver
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founder eugen enachi says
—it was nice working with marin and I would definitely recommend him! i needed a simplistic logo and some explanatory designs. he had the skills, vision and patience to deliver the right result. will gladly collaborate with him in the future!
construction company

forte is a company involved in projects worldwide with professional approaches and extensive experience in the construction industry. forte is highly regarded by clients and its service is customised to manage the procurement and installation of all stone works according to the clients' requirements. marin believes that the only visual language that people can feel the power, trust, confidence, and certainty is minimalistic flat style. since the old logo of forte did not represent a clear image for the clients, marin designed the new logo that highlights the letter "f" to show a strong message to the potential clients for forte. in addition, the different sizes of the new logo are legible in various applications.

founder & ceo vasile sorocean says
— i asked marin to design a logo for my us-based shipping company. the deadlines were respected which is important to me. marin managed to represent the values of my company, now i stand out on the competitors market. additionally i received a good consultation regarding the site and the visual identity that remains to be created in the future. you can entirely trust marin's dedication, responsibility and creativity as a brand designer.

unicorn nails
burnouts & rotorblades
cars and copters vlog

optima partner

founder robert chumak says
thank you for the high quality and modern brand logo design. worked quickly, all our wishes were taken into account and fresh ideas from marin were introduced.thank you so much for your work, you are real professional and master of your craft. i am pleased with the result. special thanks for the pleasant friendly atmosphere, open answers to my questions and prompt responses to my requests.
kenyan authentic tea

founder nick popovici says
— mr. gorea knew how to work efficiently and punctually to answer our particular requests. he is a hardworking person and full of original ideas. marin managed to deliver an unique logo design that fully represents the philosophy of our company. he had the vision and skills to elaborate exceptional design for our labels that are fully up to our expectations. i sincerely believe that mr. gorea will be able to carry out the tasks and provide the required work and, for all the reasons mentioned, i can only recommend it to you. do not hesitate to contact me for more information. please, receive, madam, sir, my best regards.
machinery industry

eu sustainable energy week

project leader lucia aprodu says
— i collaborated with marin gorea on several communication projects in 2018-2019 and he was a blessing to work with. he has an excellent grasp on professional tools, and a visual style that is both unique and very aesthetically pleasing. our projects involved developing visual identities for several large scale public events organised by the eu delegation in moldova, in several different thematic areas. these included two large-scale communication campaigns promoting 4 years of dcfta in moldova, europe day in moldova and the european film and culture festival, civil society gala celebrating eu-funded grassroots initiatives, eu sustainable energy and climate diplomacy weeks, and the launch of the eu4moldova platform. marin executed his part brilliantly every time. usually a rather restrictive affair, with marin's touch, the visual identity of each of these events was clear, bright and attractive. i strongly recommend him as a designer both for his technical and artistic skills.
created in moldova ♡ appreciated worldwide

to be friendly, natural and well perceived by the population of the republic of moldova (including the ethnic minorities) and at the same time to emphasize the eu/international scale of the project the brand platform "created in moldova — appreciated worldwide" has been developed in three languages. to make the logo "alive" and close to the real businesses the series of the handcrafted icons have been created to mark the specific sectors/categories of products.

my creative starting point was the fact that this inspiring slogan begins with the same letter "c" on three languages made me create a responsive and dynamic identity. due the logotype contains many words i decided to use such easy to percieve visual language as icon design. the logotype becomes more interesting with these icons.